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    • Sullivan Supports Local Businesses

      Thanks to Senator Sullivan and the rest of the congressional delegation in Washington, Alaska got more than its share of CARES Act funding that helped businesses continue to operate and keep their employees working.

    • CBJ Assembly needs to start preparing now

      While the current CBJ budget document for FY 2021 reflects a balanced budget, it is based on some fairly optimistic assumptions. And if those assumptions don’t pan out, we are facing large deficits this year and next.

    • You Be the Judge

      Which of these men has the more applicable experience and exemplifies service to our State and Nation? You be the judge.

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      Do you have an opinion on something that impacts our community? Use the form and submit your say on it!

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    • Coast Guard maintenance on VHF radio system postponed

      The 17th Coast Guard District was scheduled to conduct maintenance on its VHF radio system Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, due to technical difficulties, the scheduled maintenance has been postponed.

    • Rainforest LLC gets on-site consumption allowance

      A modification to a Special Use Permit for Rainforest Farms LLC, to include onsite consumption of edible marijuana products, was passed by the City and Borough of Juneau Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday.

    • Presidential candidate visits Juneau

      Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen played some hockey, talked with local residents, and predicted her party will win a large number of votes in Alaska, during a campaign stop in Juneau Tuesday.

    • Court rules police need aerial surveillance warrants

      The Alaska Court of Appeals has ruled law enforcement officers cannot use cameras and drones for aerial searches of property without a warrant.

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